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58% of small businesses approve of President Trump

by Ray Hayes

President Donald Trump has his critics and naysayers, and although his approval reports are not favorable, one report shows the opposite. According to a recent Small Business Survey by CNBC and Survey Monkey, “58% of respondents say they “approve” of the job President Donald Trump is doing.” During his short time in office, President Trump has committed to lowering taxes and cutting regulations for businesses. Those two commitment alone are the reason the report is favorable.  Here are a few more highlights from the survey:

  • 42 percent of survey recipients say changes in tax policy will have a good effect while 24 percent believe tax policy will have a negative effect
  • 38 percent believe regulatory changes will have a positive effect while 26 percent believe it will have a negative one
  • Lowering taxes was the biggest issue for the largest segment of small businesses at 24 percent
  • Regulation and the cost of healthcare tied for the second biggest issue for small businesses at 14 percent


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