by Ray Hayes

McDonald’s is teaming with Snapchat to connect with millennials and fill more than 250,000 job openings.  The fast food chain hires are usually between the ages of 16 and 24 years old matching Snapchat’s most active user base.  According to, “The company will start sending direct invites to users [June 13, 2017], and anyone interested can start sending in what it calls “Snaplications,” as well.” Back in April of this year, Mickey D’s launched the first Snaplication filter in Australia, which shows Snapchat users wearing a McDonald’s uniform.

For those curious about the application process on Snapchat, check out the information below:

  • Record a 10 second video using the McDonald’s Snaplication filter and send it to the company
  • Once the video is received the company will send a link to the application page within the Snapchat app

The fast food chain plans to also use Hulu and Spotify to attract more millennial hires as well.

PS – A Snaplication doesn’t take the place of a one on one interviews unfortunately.