Welcome to another exciting installment of our weekly #WeAreNMSDC Podcast.  On today’s episode, we speak with Cara Maschler Account Director and Monica Vicéns Strategy Director for GSD&M.  GSD&M is an advertising agency with a global footprint, helping to “elect a president, launch an airline, [and] turn Walmart into a global retail force.”  They’re 40+ years of creative inspiration has helped define the Austin area and inspire a natural growth within the industry.

Join us as we sit down with Cara and Monica to discuss the creation and growth of GSD&M, their internal and external goals for their supplier diversity program, and how they’re connecting with suppliers in the new age of multicultural marketing.


GSD&M Podcast
1:00 Introduction to GSD&M
3:15 GSD&M’s motivation in connecting with the NMSDC and the #WeAreNMSDC campaign
10:55 The atmosphere of supplier diversity and inclusion at GSD&M
13:59 How to connect with GSD&M as an MBE
18:14 Effectively articulate your value proposition
21:39 The evolution within the advertising industry in regards to new business and potential client requests
23:07 The organic transformation from the Mad Men era to the Multiculturalism era
26:14 GSD&M’s next steps in furthering its initiatives within supplier diversity
30:45 Personal beliefs

WeAreNMSDC 5 Facts

  1. GSD&M is an unique advertising agency, founded by four University of Texas graduates, and located in Austin, TX. The company began with clients like Southwest Airlines and Walmart evolving into the well known brand it is today. GSD&M looks to recruit self starters who align with the organization’s entrepreneurial makeup.
  2. The Purpose Institute was created by GSD&M with a mission to help clients understand and articulate their purpose for internal goals and to help develop loyal consumers
  3. GSD&M has been a NMSDC corporate partner for 13 years. The company was one of the first in the Advertising industry to commission a group to support and provide opportunities in a structured way to minority and women owned businesses.
  4. The Vendor Partner Diversity Conference is an event that helps diverse organizations connect with multiple departments within GSD&M. This provides an opportunity for suppliers to show off their portfolio and gain access to future RFP opportunities.  Advertising is changing as potential clients are now requiring more diversity be represented in their bid and new business requests.
  5. GSD&M has a dedicated staff to ensuring the success of their supplier diversity initiative. With organized efforts around incentive programs, forecasting and analytics, and commitment at the executive level, GSD&M is focused on growing supplier diversity company wide.  GSD&M also has a strong culture and prides itself in looking in every place to find talent that matches their agency.

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