by Ray Hayes

From the purchase of Whole Foods to talks about buying India’s biggest online grocer, Amazon has seen success in their new grocery sector.  The month of Amazon seems to be continuing as rumor has it the online retailer is close to a deal with Nike to sell shoes through a brand registry program, keeping counterfeit shoes off the company’s website.  Today, Nike is exclusively available on Amazon’s Zappos website however this deal will create a new approach allowing the shoe company greater control over the products being sold to consumers.

The overall deal between the two companies has not been finalized and we are unclear how much merchandise Nike plans to offer through Amazon (i.e. clothing, accessories, etc). According to Goldman Sach’s Drucker Mann, “It would also allow Nike to compete better with Under Armour, which already sells via Amazon, and give it exposure to Millenial shoppers.” Mann also suggests that Nike would boost revenue by at least 1 percent with the new deal.

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