Diversity is one of the most popular things to talk about in tech these days. When discussing the topic, the conversation can sometimes leave out gender diversity focusing on racial breakdowns, however, a inclusive environment for multiple genders is extremely important to an industry’s success. In a recent interview with Creators.com, Jessica Lawrence Quinn, CEO of NY Tech Alliance, provides much need insight into the importance of it women in tech, and the merger of companies with overlapping missions. Below is a snippet of the interview:

Creators: You were one of only 15 women selected to participate in Seth Godin’s Female Entrepreneur MBA in 2010. What was it like being a woman in tech then as opposed to now?

Quinn: In 2010, I was just getting involved in the technology community and getting to know female entrepreneurs. Having come from the world of Girl Scouts, where I was surrounded by women all the time, it was a bit of a shock to show up at tech events and scan the room, only to be able to spot a handful of women. Even then, though, there was a thriving group of women in tech in New York City, and it has only grown since then. As I attend events or invite women to apply to demo at our monthly meetup or our women’s demo nights, I see the numbers of women attending and applying to demo continually increasing. Women are still by far outnumbered by men, but the ratio seems to be getting better.

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