by Ray Hayes

The face-to-face interview process may be a thing of the past. Canvas, a new startup has created a new process called text-based interviewing where the company engages potential hires through text messaging.  Instead of a recruiter calling a prospective candidate, a ping would be sent to the applicant via app instant message allowing the interviewee to reply accordingly. Recruiters will then be able to store custom screening questions and share the text conversation with their hiring staff.

This can all be done through the Canvas app, which is now available in the Apple app store.

Looking to disrupt the interview process, the Canvas app may be a gamer changer especially when it comes to a company trying to attract millennial hires. It is estimated that more than 50 million millennials will be hired between now and 2025 with most using text messages, social media, and other online interaction as their preferred conversational piece.  The app can not only be used for large corporations but small businesses as well, and may create a new space in recruiting and human resources.

The future is upon us folks and millennials will be the main job market population very soon.

If you are interested in learning more about Canvas please click here.

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