Despite the political rhetoric in today’s society, the greatest threat to American jobs is not illegal immigration or government legislation, it’s technology and automation.  According to PwC, robots could occupy 38% of American jobs by 2030.  As incredible as that stat is, it’s amazing that most Ameicans still cling to the age old lie that outside forces are the cause for concern.

Due to the changing landscape over the next decade, it is important for small businesses to understand how they can take advantage of the new technology.  The two key pieces of information to keep in mind are the following:

  1. Understand what job you are looking to automate.  Some are easier to do than others
  2. The cost of automation is becoming increasingly affordable.  Keep that in mind as you look to create future opportunities for yourself

The absence of 38% of the job market is a scary but truthful future.  Despite the drop in jobs, the global market should correct itself.   While jobs may be eliminated there will still be other opportunities that will hit our changing society.  An example of this is the changing technology market.  When it switched, programmers and coders went from niche to highly sought after.  We may see a new emerging job title appear similar to User Experience and Big Data experts.

The robots are coming and you need to prepare.  Otherwise you may find yourself as valuable tomorrow as a typewriting expert.