Are you struggling to expand your business into a foreign market?  As many reports show, operating a global operation is key to a successful e-commerce brand and future growth strategies.  According to a recent, Google/Deloitte study, “the most digitally advanced U.S. small businesses are three times more likely than the bottom 80 percent of small digital businesses to have exported within the last year.”

In order to grow your business globally Ed Marsh, advisor of American Express, has developed four ways to help you grow your business, take a look below:

  1. Generate and Handle Global Inquires –Figure out your point of entry, and what opportunities are right for your business. Make sure to take full advantage of social media and online communication to connect with potential buyers and companies interested in doing business
  2. Process International Orders – Consult with experts to understand the shipping locations and make sure you comply with local regulations
  3. Mine Your Digital Data – “Check your data periodically to see if you can uncover opportunities to expand in an organic manner.”
  4. Focus on Incremental Refinements – The world of e-commerce is steadily changing.  Make sure you invest in the best ways to improve your offerings.