Every #WeAreNMSDC Podcast is unique, and our latest interview with Stephen “Steve” Hightower, and his son Stephen Hightower II is no different.  Steve Hightower is the President and CEO of Hightowers Petroleum, accompanied by Stephen Hightower, the firm’s COO.  Founded in 1984, Hightowers Petroleum is a full service energy solutions company operating fuel system services, a fuel doctor program, a generator program, and supply chain management.

On today’s episode, we speak with both men about the history and capabilities of their company, their personal beliefs as the CEO and COO, and the impact their success has had on the Middletown Ohio community. So scroll down and take a listen to our very interesting Hightowers Petroleum conversation.


Hightowers Petroleum
1:07 The history of Hightowers Petroleum / three generations of entrepreneurial success
7:55 Being born in an entrepreneurial family and institutional racism
15:04 The pros and cons of family support
18:10 Impacting the Ohio community
21:13 How the NMSDC Ohio affiliate organization has benefited Hightowers Petroleum
25:31 Experiencing the evolution of the NMSDC as a 40+ year member
29:38 A message to corporate diversity representatives and MBEs looking
to follow in Hightower Petroleum’s footsteps
33:26 The personal beliefs of the Hightowers Petroleum Family

WeAreNMSDC 5 Facts

  1. Hightowers Petroleum has a very unique history. Starting off as a Janitorial services company in the 70s, the organization would evolve into a construction and ultimately petroleum focused corporation in 1984.
  2. The company’s first petroleum contract was the entire state of Ohio
  3. Funding was a big issue with Hightowers Petroleum early in their existence. Despite generating $230 million in revenue, the company could only qualify for a $50,000 bank loan (Check out the story around the 13:00 min mark)
  4. Hightowers Petroleum has been an NMSDC member since 1979. According to the President and CEO, the organization has helped established relationships which aided in the expansion of the company into the private sector. Relationships matter, while not every supplier diversity professional can help you, they can all hurt you. So keep that in mind and be respectful to all professional you meet.
  5. The Hightowers Petroleum family has been in business for over 50 years. Take a moment and listen to what the father and son duo have to say about success and personal motivation. Trust me it’s worth it!! (starting at the 37:00 min mark)

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