Keypr, the new Los Angeles based startup has raised more than $19 million in its first round of funding.

So what is Keypr exactly?

Keypr was founded by Nizar Allibhoy, Mark Anderson, and Sabir Jaffer with a mission to revolutionize the hotel industry. The startup’s goal is to enhance the hotel guest experience with the help of their state of the art mobile services. According to the company’s website, “The platform delivers a personalized, friction-free guest experience while creating new operational efficiencies and driving additional revenue opportunities for property owners and operators.”

Keypr plans to use their recent funding to expand its platform, sales and marketing team. Former Oculus executive Robert Stevenson recently joined the company as the chief operating officer, explaining that now is the perfect opportunity for the company to scale. Former Belkin executive Nandan Kalle has also joined the company as the new vice president of product management.

The startup currently has brand deals with Denihan Hospitality, Proper Hospitality, LE Hotels, and Greystone Hotels. With Keypr hotels can allow guests to check into their rooms without keys or cards, cutting check in times significantly. In the near future, Keypr plans to add a conversation user interface that will allow guests to order room services and other hotel needs easily. Allibhoy believes that Keypr’s offerings will be the new standard for hotel guests in the near future. “We have shifted the view in the hospitality industry, where they first wondered if they need this, to being widely recognized as a must-have for good service. People use this technology at home and they expect the hotel experience to be comparable.”