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Despite 5 percent budget cuts, the Small Business Administration plans to grow

With small businesses making up a large majority of the American economy, many business owners are concerned about the pending budget cuts to the Small Business Administration.  Linda McMahon, SBA Administrator believes thinks she can achieve great things, despite the 5% drop in funding.  Within the coming months, McMahon plans to release a marketing campaign showcasing how the SBA plans to help businesses grow. CNBC recently conducted an interview with McMahon to highlight the SBA and discuss the administrator’s plan on updating and growing the government agency. Below is a snippet of the interview:

McMahon comments on how she plans to reconstructed the SBA with the budget cuts. “What we have done is look inside S.B.A, and what I have found is there are some duplicative programs that we are going to be merging,” she said.

She also states the goals of the agency and how the agency will act upon the goals. “We try to encourage or at least guide entrepreneurs who may have services or products that could be bought by the federal government. The federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world.”


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