by Ray Hayes

The United States Supreme Court will preside over the controversial  same sex couple wedding cake case this coming October.  If you unfamiliar about the case, here is a brief overview. Two men, David Mullins and Charlie Craig of Denver, filed a complaint against Jack Philips of Masterpiece Cake shop after he refused to make the couple a wedding cake due to their sex preference. Philips runs his business guided through his Christian faith and according to Philips, his decision to not service the couple were greatly influenced by his religious beliefs. Although Philips considered himself to be justified in decision, the Colorado courts ruled otherwise. The court ruled that the state’s public accommodation law, “which bans discrimination by companies offering their services to the public, did not allow Phillips to refuse the gay couple’s request.”

With the representation of the ACLU, the couple never discussed anything with Philips about the cake which according to many experts would subside Philips claims that his “freedom of expression was at stake.” The ACLU is arguing that if the courts rule in favor of Philips then many more businesses will follow suit with the discrimination of people even outside the LGBTQ community.

Although I understand the couple’s grief, if I were playing devil’s advocate I would advise the couple to seek business elsewhere or invest in a business to combat Philips’ practices. I understand that it is easier said than done but I am sure many who are siding with Philips are voicing similar concerns. At the end of the day, I believe if you set a precedent and allow Philips to get away with this then you are opening Pandora’s box and we could go back to fighting against the same rules that once hurt our nation during the early 1900’s.

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