by Ray Hayes

After the recent cyberattack on millions of businesses throughout the world, more control over private content is needed. Enter CloudRanger.  CloudRanger is the backup solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and, as of June 28th, has a launched a new software which grants more users control over their cloud networks.  According to the, “The new version offers users effortless scheduling and backup policies, while providing a bird’s eye view of the entire server system from one easy-to-use dashboard, ultimately saving users time and money.”

Although cloud technology makes our lives easier, it must be handled with care and caution. The only way to make information that is stored in the cloud safer is by adding backup and disaster recovery plans. CloudRanger is committed to this idea and has developed software that is capable of making cloud management safer and attainable for all industries in the global marketplace.

To learn more about the new components of CloudRangers software check out the list below:

  • Server Management: CloudRanger gives users an overall view of their entire server system, including when individual servers are powered on, when backups occur and how long backups are stored.
  • Automated Scheduling: The scheduling module enables users to turn on servers only when needed, providing a more economical solution to server rental.
  • Backup Policies: Users can easily and regularly backup servers by setting a creation schedule and retention period, with the option to apply Amazon tags or other events identification.

If you interested in learning more about CloudRanger, click here.