Trump’s America is upon us and nationwide, liberals, independents, and (even) conservatives are still getting used to what that means.  President Trump plays by his own rules and while I don’t think even he knows exactly what that means, the one big change the President has introduced is the idea of Fake News.

Fake News is difficult to explain.  Some may call fake news, the liberal’s attempt to discredit President Trump with false news stories, while others may see it as a distraction ploy by the President for any unfavorable coverage, the one truth in all this is that news outlets are now, more than ever, a form of….well….entertainment.

And that’s why what should have been the biggest news story in 2017, went off with a resounding meh by American viewers.

Sensationalism is the only thing cable news outlets know how to present and the constant promotion of lies President Trump tries to push onto outlets he does not favor creates a narrative that you cannot trust news sources that are contrary to your beliefs.  This is why the recent CNN news story has not gotten as much coverage as it should have.

For those unaware, this week it was revealed (through a conservative news outlet no less) that CNN is knowingly pushing the false narrative of Russia colluding with the President while not believing there is any facts to back up the statement.  From well known and influential CNN producers to Van Jones no less, multiple CNN employees call the Russia story a simple attempt at a ratings grab with no evidence supporting it.

Let’s be clear here.  With this video footage we now have evidence backing President Trump’s claim that CNN is promoting fake news to under mind his Presidency…..but….to be honest….who cares?

The answer?  Outside of Trump supporters…no one!

You see, in a Trump America, opinions matter more than fact.  What this means is that if I believe Trump is guilty, he is.  Despite what any news outlet tells you, if you think he’s a bad President, Donald Trump is a bad President.  President Trump has pushed the narrative that Fake News is news not backed by him.  Yes some news have been unverified…but some has been verified, and his attempt to discredit actual facts has been his undoing in this situation.

Just like the boy who cried wolf.  President Trump has called so much information fake, that no one knows what’s actually real anymore.  While muddying the waters has been beneficial in small spurts, when big news does come out backing him 100%, it falls on deaf ears.

Trump has created a news industry reflecting his leadership.  And in this situation, it has come to bite him in the rear end.

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