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Gale Small Business Builder, the new tool for startup businesses

Are interested in starting your own small business? Are you an entrepreneur looking to share ideas and network with others online? If you answered yes to either question, check out Gale Small Business Builder.  During the 2017 ALA Conference and Exhibition, Gale, a Cengage’s company, announced a new “online planning tool for individuals who are exploring the idea of entrepreneurship, actively starting a business or operating an existing enterprise.”

Gale’s new tool is great for the more than 28 million American small business owners to share ideas and network online.  If you’re interested in learning more check out the five areas of exploration below, according to Mobilitytechzone.com:

  • The Entrepreneur Profile helps users explore what they can bring to the table as an entrepreneur and assess where they stand in preparing to start a business, resulting in a one-page summary of them as an entrepreneur.
  • Business Ideation provides users with tools, such as Lean Canvas, SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces and more, to plan the high-level framework in which their business will operate.
  • Break-Even Analysis allows them to determine when their business will be able to cover all of its expenses and begin to make a profit.
  • Business Plans helps create a plan for presenting to potential investors or lenders.
  • Financial Projections provides a robust financial analysis of their company’s financial future, including capital expenditures, sales, equity and inventory.

For more information, click here..


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