On today’s #WeAreNMSDC Podcast we connect with the leadership team at the Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council (SMSDC)., an affiliate organization of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).  Join us as we speak with Karen Box, President and CEO of the SMSDC and Reginald Layton Chair of SMSDC and VP of Supply Chain Sustainability and Supplier Diversity for Johnson Controls.  Our two guests discuss their organizations four pillars, unique services and events, and the benefits of a rigorous minority business certification process.


Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council (SMSDC)
0:59 What are the services and programs provided by the SMSDC?
2:36 What states fall under the SMSDC service area?
4:37 What are Benchmaring and Capacity PLUS?
7:21 What is the value proposition of SMSDC to Corporations and MBEs?
11:08 How long is the process for an MBE to gain certification under the SMSDC?
15:39 How often is corporate MBE spend revealed to be fake?
18:18 What is your message to corporate supplier diversity representatives?
20:21 What is the history of supplier diversity and how do you see it growing in the future?
24:29 What are the personal stories and beliefs of the SMSDC leadership team

WeAreNMSDC 5 Facts

  1. The SMSDC is one of 23 affiliate councils of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).  The council services the southwest part of Texas, and the entire states of Oklahoma and New Mexico
  2. SMSDC follows its four pillars, helping to Certify, Develop, Connect, and Advocate for both corporate and minority business enterprises (MBEs).  The council also incorporates networking functions, breakfast roundtables, matchmakers and analytical data to connect corporations with MBEs
  3. Unique to the SMSDC is the Benchmarking and Capacity PLUS initiatives.
    1. Benchmarking PLUS targets corporations and is designed to share best practices with supplier diversity professionals with experimental workshops to help them understand how to implement best in class supplier diversity  practices
    2. Capacity PLUS, targeting MBEs is designed to help suppliers understand the complex purchasing environment that exists in today’s corporate structures
  4. The SMSDC values its location and certification process.  For major corporations looking to connect with MBEs with a Mexican footprint, SMSDC can help.
  5. The SMSDC follows the “Gold Standard” when it comes to certification (Learn more at 9:03). Fake MBE certification is very real and can be a problem when dealing with outside organizations.  To learn more about the downside of fake MBE Certification check out 13:08 of the podcast.

Supplierty News in conjunction with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) have teamed up to connect with NMSDC corporate and MBE members for podcast interviews. These conversations will highlight the benefits of supplier diversity programs from the personal experiences of both corporate and minority-owned businesses. If you’re interested in supporting the effort, Follow both Supplierty News and the NMSDC on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, and visit their websites for more information. Also don’t forget to mention #WeAreNMSDC on all social media platforms.