by Ray Hayes

In my opinion there are three things tech entrepreneurs need to start a business?  A great idea with a technology platform that develops it, access to potential customers, and capital to fund your business.  According to, “Cloudflare is taking its massive base of worldwide data centers and turning it into a platform for deploying web applications that can be integrated into other sites and mobile apps.” The app will grant access to developers seeking software that can connect them with millions of customers worldwide. In addition to the app, investors of Cloudflare have come together to help new tech entrepreneurs financially by launching a $100 million investment fund for companies that use the Cloudflare new platform.

The major benefit of the app is that companies will be able to inject content to their webpages through the Cloudflare app without the need of coding. As of now the Cloudflare platform is being used by Twitter, Pinterest, Oracle, Spotify, and Zendesk.

Small businesses should take heed of the new platform and look to utilize the site soon.