DiversityPlus released its annual Top 25 Women in Power late last month focusing on women who are positively promoting supplier diversity throughout their supply chain.  According to the Magazine, the women selected “are professionals who have broken through glass ceilings during their careers and now use their positions to promote equal opportunities for diverse suppliers in the strong belief that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at every level is critical to organizations that want to remain competitive well into the future.”

To start congratulations goes out to Lashelle Hamilton, Purchasing Supervisor at DENSO!  I know her personally and can attest to her commit in providing opportunities for diverse suppliers on a national and global scale.  If every selection is as committed as Hamilton, then this list is a powerful and influential one indeed.

For this year’s list, there were three new trends highlighted within the supplier diversity industry:

  1. Data analytics:  The industry is moving towards targeted goals, reports, and performance reviews
  2. Improving environment and social sustainability:  Programs are now looking to positively impact environmental and social issues.  Developing a supplier in one of these areas has been key in recent times.
  3. Decreasing unconscious bias:  Bias is a hard thing to eliminate, but when it comes to hiring and promoting employees from within, diversity and unconscious bias has been a popular issue to try and solve.  Supplier diversity professionals are always looking for organizations who can help with this and training on this seems to be very popular now a days.

To view the full list of 25, check out DiversityPlus – https://www.diversityplus.com/Articles.aspx?type=tops&id=2017-Top-25-Women-in-Power-Impacting-Diversity-Pursue-a-Vision-of-Inclusiveness-4461