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Google releases its diversity report

by Ray Hayes

On June 29th, the tech giant Google released its annual diversity report showcasing the companies struggles and successes of diversifying its workforce. Here is a list of the highlights from the report:

  • 25 percent of leadership positions at Google are filled by women
  • 20 percent of technical jobs are filled by women
  • Hispanic employees make up 4 percent of Google’s workforce, up 1 percent from the year prior
  • Black employees make up 5 percent of Google’s workforce and 1 percent of tech-focused jobs
  • 69 percent of the Google workforce is male and 59 percent of employees are white

As you can see, Google still has a mostly male dominant workforce but with recent initiatives the tech giant is steadily trying to diversify its workforce. In March, Google announced it will be partnering with Howard University to further diversity in the tech field for minorities. Furthermore, the tech giant has also hired a new vice president of diversity to help push its progress within the company.

Eileen Naughton, Google’s VP of People Operations, said the following about the recent report. “While we’ve made progress in recent years for both women and people of color, there are areas for improvement across the board. Danielle [Brown, vice president of diversity] will look at our efforts in all these areas.”


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