by Ray Hayes

Hello readers and welcome to a new article segment!  Each week, I plan on providing an update covering AI tech news and its impact on small businesses.

The name of the weekly article will be called The Weekly AI and if you’re interested in learning more, shoot us an email or contact us on our Contact Page. With that being said let’s review the ways Unilever is bring AI to the hiring process.

For the past year, Unilever, a Dutch-British consumer goods company, has used AI to screen entry level employees. The consumer giant states that the new screening process has been revolutionary and helped increase the company’s diversity and cost-efficiency. Nonwhite applicants increased from 840 to 2,600 and gender parity increased as well. So, how does this AI screening work exactly? Let’s go over the details.

  • Step 1 – Potential candidates apply on LinkedIn
  • Step 2 – The candidate plays a neuroscience game that, “test your ability to focus, memory, relationship to risk and ability to read emotional versus contextual cues.” Unilever uses the test to measure candidates against one another and candidates are given results back immediately following the test.
  • Step 3 – Candidates who have the trait requirements for the job are interviewed with HireVue. The trick about the interview is the fact that they are not live. According to Business Insider, “HireVue’s AI analyzes each of the answers, noting aspects like keywords, body language, and tone.” Next, hiring managers determine which candidates are the best for the job.
  • Step 4 – After hiring managers determine the best candidates with the help of algorithms, candidates are invited to Unilever offices for an overview of the job and the hiring managers/recruiters make their decisions if the candidate is best fit.

Small business owners should be aware that AI technologies are the way of the future. Many companies have begun to take full advantage of what the tech has to offer according many experts in the field. Make sure you are always aware of the opportunities to expand your business and tune in for next week’s Weekly AI Experience.

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