by Ray Hayes

“Make us great!” seems to be the universal cry for small businesses looking towards the Trump Administration for policy backing his promises of a better America. I have said it time and time again that the American small business is the backbone of this nation and a strong small business economy is necessary for national growth.

So now, with so many promises being made over the past year, just what is the Trump Administration, under the leadership of Linda McMahon and the Small Business Administration, doing to promote and expand small business?

According to the Huffington Post, the SBA has begun to fill leadership positions with some the most qualified individual in the business sector. “For example, Administrator McMahon appointed New York investment banker, William Manger to head up the Office of Capital Access…The Trump Administration is currently considering additional high caliber talent with private and public sector experience.” Now, while shouting for joy may be a bit premature, we can all admit that the SBA’s new appointees seem to be a positive step.

In addition to solid appointees, McMahon recently launched the Nationwide Ignite Tour, which is a listening tour for McMahon to travel across the US to gather the concerns and ideas to reform, “regulatory process and tax system.” Furthermore, in an effort to increase the growth of US small businesses, President Trump announced an $18 million SBA funding campaign to support the initiatives.  While this is a low number, in particular when considering the recent cuts to the SBA, it is at least something positive.

It remains to be seen exactly where we head from here, but slow progress is still progress.  If more funding is allocated to the SBA and the listening tour creates actionable results then we may see an expanding SBA.  In conclusion, we can be great and President Trump is living to his word by truly keeping America first.

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