Uber has not had a great history when it comes to diversity.  After users complained of driver discrimination, and the 2017 news of rampant sexism by a former engineer, Susan Fowler (which resulted in the firing of Uber employees), the company has struggled to redefine its brand.

The Congressional Black Caucus has taken note and recently sent the company a letter urging it to consider diversity in its executive leadership.  In their letter, the CBC highlighted the lack of a company CEO, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer and general counsel, and urged Uber to consider an African American for any one of the openings.

Despite your personal feelings towards the action, Uber has opened themselves up to this type of scrutiny with the harmful workforce culture and reported audio confirming its sexiest corporate nature.  Whether the CBC pressure results in any meaningful transition, expect pressure from all forms of diversity promoters to continue towards the ride sharing organization.  Situations like this shouldn’t be happening in today’s world and Uber is now dealing with it.


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