Have you ever heard of the BlogHer Conference?  The conference is produced by women’s media company She Knows Media, originally focused on improving the lack of diversity in advertising, but has since expanded to cover other industries including literature, technology, politics, sports, and more.  This year’s event, taking place in Orlando, marked its 13th conference and saw its growth continue in representing women throughout industries.

This year’s conference saw an extended speakers list including tennis star and tech executive Serena Williams, “Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation and best-selling author and celebrated blogger Luvvie Ajayi.”  The speaking moment was truly special for Ajayi who has attended the event since 2010.  According to Ajayi, “I think it’s less about their mission and more about the conference itself and the community they’ve built. BlogHer always feels like a reunion so it’s one of my favorite conferences.”

The conference also gets support form other organizations looking to promote and expand their diversity and inclusion initiatives including the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Google, Hilton and Ad Council.  As the conference grows its founders continue to promote their ideas and grant speaking opportunities for all women.  This year, for example saw 40% of its speakers be women of color.  It’s a great statistic and accurate number of its attendees as “42% of the content creators, social media influencers, entrepreneurs and brand executives who attended were people of color.”