Black Enterprise has just released its annual BE 100 highlighting America’s largest black owned businesses for 2017.  To view the complete list, CLICK HERE

The theme of the latest ranking is “Evolution” as many top black-owned organizations saw growth through expansion and….evolution.  As technology continues to grow, businesses able to change with it are leading the charge into a new millennium.

For 2017, World Wide Technology continues its dominance as the nation’s largest black owned business, with revenue in excess of $9 billion.  In fact the top 5 black owned businesses in America, according to Black Enterprise generate over $1 billion in revenue including ACT-1 Group, Bridgewater Interiors L.L.C., Piston Group*, and Modular Assembly Innovations L.L.C.  In addition, of the Top 5 businesses, 4 are located in the Midwest.

“When BLACK ENTERPRISE first compiled its “Top 100″ in 1973, combined sales for the 100 component companies totaled $473 million. Results of the 2017 report show that the Top 100 collectively grossed more than $27 billion in 2016, a $3 billion increase in revenue over the previous year.”  As revenue continues to sore, hopefully black owned companies can continue to expand into the future.