by Ray Hayes

Do you believe diversity programs work? Although many talk about the importance of diversity and the benefits of embracing it, are these plentiful programs actually working? According to a recent Boston Consulting Group report, diversity programs may not be as effective as you might think.  Three out of four women surveyed indicated that diversity, “…programs do not make a difference,” with only 27 percent claiming any benefit from gender diversity initiatives offered at their companies. These numbers are disturbing when including the fact that 54 percent of female respondents said they receive less support than their male counterparts moving up the ranks in a company.

Although the numbers indicated that a large number of women believe that diversity programs do not work, we can admit that the programs are different from company to company. Some measures and initiatives are more effective than others with female respondents from the Boston Consulting Group survey admitting the same.

Therefore, in order to make diversity more effective, the first suggestion I would recommend is borrowing from the programs that have seen positive results. Also, change the culture in the workplace. In the end, in order to grow you have to understand that there is a problem first and foremost.