Over the next 20 years, Canada is looking to grow its military personal by more than 3,500 full time jobs and 1,500 part time reservists.  This is a huge number for a country struggling to fill its current goals of personnel, specifically involving pilots and technicians.  In an effort to expand their current military strength, Canada is creating a strategy to connect with and recruit minorities, women, new citizens and even members of the LGBT community.

“The Trudeau government’s plan to invest an extra $62 billion in the military over the next 20 years….would bring the ranks of the armed forces to their highest level since the end of the Cold War.”  Similar to other countries, the plan is to help grow Canada’s presence as a global player, to replace outdated equipment, and the finally meet its minimum defense goals.

According to The Star “Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of the defence staff, recently announced a diversity strategy in which he noted that Canada was becoming more diverse — and the military needed to follow suit.”

Canada has recently ordered the military “to increase the percentage of female personnel to 25 per cent in the next decade, up from 15 per cent.”  With such a heavy increase, its all hands on deck as recruiters, senior commanders, and marketers are looking to figure out ways to develop and sell a more inclusive environment.  With the changing demographics of Canada, and the world, a more diverse military is needed to maintain the country’s defense.

As the General puts it, “This isn’t a luxury, this isn’t social engineering, this isn’t political manoeuvring or political correctness. This is now an operational requirement.”