Did you know that political consultants of color make up less than 1% of Democratic consultants?  A surprising statistic indeed, but one that many diverse consultants are looking to change moving into 2018.  The National Association of Diverse Consultants (NADC) is a newly formed organization that plans to create “a database of consultants of color, women and from the LGBTQ community that will be publicly available. The hope is to build it into a group that develops consultants, mentors and grows the stable of diverse political consultants.”

The database is in response to many political officers who say that it is difficult to connect with and hire minorities for campaigns.  In addition to the offering, the NADC is also looking to expand opportunities for people of color in political consulting.  Today, most minorities are “relegated to smaller roles in campaigns or are paid less or hired only for outreach to their constituent communities.”  The NADC argues that better representation will help with better results on both sides of the political isle.

According to NBC News, the 2016 electorate was the most diverse in American history with “nearly one-in-three people, 31 percent, eligible to vote in last November’s elections being Hispanic, black, Asian or another racial or ethnic minority, up from 29 percent in 2012, according to Pew Research Center. The growth in Latino eligible voters, mostly young, U.S.-born Latinos, was much of the reason behind the increase, Pew reported.”  Unfortunately, the amount of diverse candidates that actually voted in the election dropped versus 2012.  With such a disengaged voter base, much has to be done to increase the voter output and political consultants may be a step in that direction.


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