San Diego’s Comic Con is one of the largest comic book and entertainment conventions in the world.  Attendance is mandatory comic book lovers and allows for fans to dress us as their favorite character(s) while learning new information about upcoming stories, shows, and comics.

Over the past 3 years however, a major shift has taken place in the world of comic books and entertainment as diversity has received a major push.  In the past 3 years, we’ve seen more stories highlighting women and minority issues while TV and Film has promoted new series including Luke Cage, Wonder Woman, Jessica Jones, and more.  With upcoming series including Black Panther Captain Marvel, and Black Lightning, diversity seems to be a long standing investment.

But while TV and Film seem to be flowing with diversity and success, comics have been struggling to connect new diverse characters to its readers.  Known as the social justice warrior movement (or SJW), long standing comic book readers have been put off by the political agenda of many recent comic books.  Because of this, comics have seen a drop in sales over the past few years.  Tweaks are certainly needed, but whether these new characters were diverse or not, it would be a challenge to connect any new character with today’s audience (quick, name a character of any race created in the past 5 years that has taken off to great success?  See what I mean).  Comic books are simply transitioning towards a new generation, and its current readers simply want to cling to the familiar.  Diversity is less of an issue as people realize, I feel, it “change” seems to be more of the issue.

Regardless, the new generation of Comic Con is here and diversity seems to be leading the charge.

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