The corporate workplace has undergone a massive shift over the past few decades.  Gone are the 30 and 40 year corporate veterans, replaced with the streamlined skill focused employees.  While these changes can be thrown at the feet of employees, in most cases corporations and their cost cutting / automated approaches have created a new reality for potential job seekers.

Enter millennials.  Although seen as disloyal to some, Millennials are the most individualist generation ever.  While there are some negatives to this, the benefits are evident in their ability to not fall to group think or unbiased consciousness as much as earlier generations.  Because of this, “diversity of thought” is much more present in the newer generation.

A diversity of thought is paramount in today’s corporate environment, and can led to many positive outcomes.  These include:

  • In sufficient numbers, dissent is encouraged and unanimity disappears.
  • Out-groups are no longer stereotyped.
  • Mindguards are less effective

According to the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, we’re on our way to achieving minority representation in the workplace of 37 percent by 2020, and many businesses are independently increasing investments in their diversity and inclusion programs—in part because they recognize the importance of diversity in this application.

With such a stark difference versus previous generations, the new workplace is forced to be more inclusive and open to accommodate the differing groups of people.  Yes millennials think differently, but that is because they experience a different reality then from generations past.