The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently announced a new effort to increase diversity within the company’s workplace.  The announcement “comes less than a month after a half-dozen female reporters at the outlet emailed Baker and Murray on behalf of nearly 200 staffers, expressing their growing frustration with the paper over its lack of action on diversity and gender equality.”  While the WSJ seems to be saying the right things, some employees are still questioning if this will be enough.  As one female reporter put it, it’s “Easy to set vague goals. Harder to follow through.”

Despite few specifics chief executive, William Lewis did give some examples of goals, including an “aim to increase the percentage of women in its executive ranks to 40 percent. He also outlined a female mentorship program for 25 women at the company that will help “accelerate their careers.”

Whether these new goals will be acted on remains to be seen.  The WSJ has claimed to promote fairness before, for example when the company told its employees it would tackle the gender pay gap for employees with like experience.  This did not come to fruition however with many women still being paid less then their male counterparts.

To view the full memo released to its employees, check out the link below: