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Almost half of small businesses don’t have a website

Technology has grown tremendously over the past decade.  For today’s small businesses, it is now the easiest it’s ever been to own and operate a website, gaining attention from thousands of potential consumers.  But, according to a recent CNBC/Survey Monkey Small Business Survey, almost half (45 percent) of small business owners say they don’t have a business website.

For older Americans, this makes sense.  In addition to technological skill gaps, when the internet first came to being, websites could cost upwards of $10,000.  Now with streamlined services, one can obtain a website for as little as $20 or $30 bucks.  While the biggest way small businesses gain new customers is by word of mouth, social media outlets like Facebook, and owning your own website can help as well.  Potential consumers looking to understand more about your menu, or who may want to purchase items from your company online can use your website to help you increase revenue.

It is becoming more evident that if a business is looking to be a top 10% earner in their market, creating an online presence is necessary.   According to the CNBC/SurveyMonkey “research found that 55 percent of small-business owners say they have a business website, 50 percent say they have a business Facebook page, and 21 percent say they have a business Twitter account.”  expanding that number may be a huge business opportunity for organizations that can do it, but for now, there is definitely alot of lost revenue out there for most businesses.


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