Corporate culture is a complex thing.  Starting from the top, company culture is usually determined by the top managers’ leadership style and personalities.  While some may operate a “by the book” approach, others may take a more creative way to solve issues.

In today’s world, culture is also influenced by the employees willing to work and grow with a company.  While reading an interesting article by Megan Rose Dickey at Techcrunch, I was inspired to ask the question, “Does diversity impact corporate culture?”  The answer may surprise you.

In reading Dickey’s article she made a point that I want to reference below:
After pressure from Rev. Jesse Jackson and the public in light of sexual harassment allegations from a former Uber employee, the company finally released a diversity report. It was bad, but it wasn’t the worst report we’ve ever seen. What that tells us is that raw numbers and percentages don’t have an impact on culture. It just shows that you can’t judge a company’s culture by its not-the-worst-we’ve-ever-seen numbers.

When it comes to culture, diversity can help it grow, but it can also be limited.  If the culture is to simply “hire” diverse people but not actually promote and advance them, then corporate diversity is nothing more than for show.  Creating an unbiased culture is extremely difficult however.  As much as people attack the tech industry for its lack of diversity, these companies are at the forefront of change in society today.  While you can argue if that change is good or bad, you cannot argue that it has not resulted in huge profits.

So why is diversity needed?  Yes, it’s the right thing to do, but it’s much more than that.  Statistically Americans are growing more diverse with skill sets not matching future employment opportunities.  While immigration is a solid form of keeping our country and economy strong, the growth of nations such as China, India, and others are creating current and future challenges are demographics can not win against so far.  It is in America’s economic benefit to ensure strong corporations with the need of educating future employees on needed skill sets.  In order to do this, investments must be made in growing communities like Latinos and African Americans. Increasing these communities skill sets 10% – 20% would be a gigantic positive in helping America continue its growth.  Which is way corporate culture is so important.  Not just for today, but to transition towards our future.  Diversity plays a part in that, but it is up to the companies to create an environment both inside and outside of their company and industry to ensure our nation continues to grow.

Beyond the diversity report