Nothing surprises me anymore with the Trump administration at the helm.  For supporters this is most likely a welcome change from the status quo.  President Trump promised to change the Federal government and whatever side you’re on, I think we can all agree, he has definitely brought that.  For the rest of us, both non supporters and people in the middle, Trump’s leadership style leaves much to be desired.

Last week, Trump’s famous Tweets created national confusion when he stated that Trans members of the military will no longer be able to serve in the military.  Although the President claimed the decision came based on advice from military leadership, we quickly learned this was not true.  No one knew this was coming and no one was prepared.

The policy shift was so sudden, no one had enough time to implement it, leaving 15,000 Trans military personnel left to wonder what they’re service means.  After the sudden Tweet, many veterans responded, much of which was support for those willing to sacrifice their lives for their country.

But the quick change actually was based on a misunderstanding.  Conservative Republicans in the House wanted to cut the cost gender operations  for Trans military members in order to agree to a new budget.  After the Joint Chiefs of Staff asked for more time to review the decision, conservatives went to the President for help.

And President Trump took the decision to the extreme.

While we know the President’s basic understanding of policy and government can be a struggle at times, no one was expecting these types of decisions certainly.  While I won’t criticize the President (not like he’d listen), I will say when it comes to Congress, more compromises must be made for the betterment of America.  This example shows what happens when one group thinks they can cut through a process in order to benefit themselves.

Congress should work for all Americans, not just a few.