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Diversity, Corporate culture, and senior executives

According to a recent study of 1,300 employees by accounting firm Deloitte, 75% of senior managers said “they would consider leaving jobs for more diverse and inclusive organizations.”  In addition, “72 percent of all other employees said they would consider leaving their company to another with better diversity initiatives and programs.”

The study is very interesting and backs what I feel, many people know.  As a Millennial, I am constantly having conversations with friends who are at or looking for jobs that they like the people they work with.  Not only diversity and inclusion, but lifestyle is an important factor when selecting a job in this new generation of workplace culture.  To add, “The survey notes that 80 percent of respondents say inclusion is an important factor in choosing a new employer.”

It’s no longer just about a paycheck or location it seems, but also culture and inclusion.  Everyone wants to feel they belong to something with meaning and this survey proves it.


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