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President Trump officially kicks off American Dream Week

by Ray Hayes

Amidst all the chaos and changes in the White House, we have failed to pay attention to the official kick off of American Dream Week. During the week the White House will be promoting American small business while highlighting President Trump’s economic agenda. Unfortunately, the American Dream Week has not been getting much publicity due to the recent changes amongst President Trump’s staff. Despite this, the week is extremely valuable for small business owners due to the fact that the Small Business Administration will be present promoting their agenda.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “The White House hopes “Made in America” [American Dream Week] week can draw attention to actions the administration has taken that officials believe help U.S. manufacturing or promote the interests of U.S. workers, such as withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, moving to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement or removing a series of environmental and other regulations.”

On Tuesday, President Trump welcomed small business owners to the White House in efforts to highlight his economic agenda and how it will influence the growth of American businesses. The White House also hosted a roundtable discussion which included President Trump and SBA Administrator Linda McMahon.

With the tax reform bill looming, I am sure the small business owners who attended Tuesday’s session were intrigued to hear from President Trump and his plans to fulfill his campaign commitment. Many business owners are becoming more and more skeptical about the President’s tax reform plan after the failed attempt to replace and repeal Affordable Health Care Act.

I will be sure to recap the American Dream Week after its completion and provide the highlights for the Week.

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