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Facebook Hispanic Subcontractor may unionize

The state of California has the highest population percentage of Hispanic Americans with over 40%.  Despite its abundance in the ethnicity, Facebook seems to hover around 2% – 4% when employing Hispanics.  The failure doesn’t stop there it seems.  According to Sam Biddle, when describing the Menlo Park ethnic breakdown, Biddle wrote “It turns out, there’s not a diversity problem in technology’s heartland: the Googles and Facebooks are full of black and Latino workers. The problem is that they’re doing the jobs nobody wants, for peanuts.”

After a long road of issues with diversity, pay, jobs, enter Unite Here Local 19.  According to the Huffington Post “the union’s newest members are 500 workers subcontracted to the cafeteria at the world headquarters of Facebook, Inc”  The issue seems to fall on pay, with some employees struggling despite working at Facebook.  An issue with pay is surprising giving Facebook’s public goals of addressing it.

Regardless, with a new union in Facebook’s mist, maybe this is a good thing to help move the organization forward.  While unions can sometimes be a mixed bag, I do think, in situations like these, they do have a benefit.


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