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Google plans to enter the recruiting software market

by Ray Hayes

Is your small business looking for a platform to recruit new employees? Now, Indeed and LinkedIn are legitimate options to recruit new talent but one of the world’s biggest tech companies is stepping into the playing field. Google recently announced a new app called Hire that, according to Forbes, “is taking aim at the small- and medium-sized business part of the recruiting market.” Hire has a unique pitch compared to its competitors since it has a wealth of software that could be integrated into the app.  Google makes it known that that the app is solely for recruiters who use Google products such as Gmail or Google Calendar because they can now move much faster with fewer clicks with Hire.

Hire allows users to simplify Gmail. The app, “…syncs up to keep emails in one thread in Gmail and attach info such as room availability, contact numbers and interview questions within a Calendar invite.”

Google will allow users to purchase the app separately as a premium add-on to Google’s G-Suite. If you are interested in learning more about Google’s commitment to connect Americans with jobs, click here.


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