AT&T is looking to redevelop its corporate office building in downtown Dallas by 2019.  The project will cost an estimated $100 million, with the goal of helping to attract “more than 1,000 new employees to AT&T’s corporate home in Dallas.”  AT&T is hosting an event this Tuesday to recruit diverse suppliers for the upcoming project, connecting potential diverse bidders with AT&T’s “corporate real estate team and The Beck Group of Dallas, which is helping AT&T with the project.”

For those interested, the event will take place at AT&T’s downtown campus at 308 S. Akard St. in Dallas from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The existing four-building, 2 million-square-foot complex at Akard and Commerce streets will be revamped to include venues for entertainment, landscaping and well-lit, wide sidewalks to give employees, residents and visitors a destination in the city’s central business district.