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Diversity in Tech is worth $400 billion

CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux believes that if the IT industry implemented diversity correctly, tech could see an extra $400 billion in revenue each year.  According to Thibodeaux “Financially a one percentage point move toward representative diversity leads to a three-point increase in revenue.”

While the tech industry isn’t unique in its struggle it is currently the most popular.  Since 2014, tech companies have voluntarily released their diversity numbers with slow growth results.  The challenge in diversifying an organization lies in doing it correctly and with long standing results.  In his speech at ChannelCon in Austin, “Thibodeaux outlined five ways companies can make their workplace more diverse, which include correcting unconscious bias, prioritizing inclusion and diversity, recruiting non-traditional employees, studying overall workplace culture, and connecting to a broader audience.”  To start, Thibodeaux challenged everyone to add 3 people from diverse backgrounds to their LinkedIn.

At Supplierty News we would like to do the same thing.  If you’re looking to support diversity, this week add at least 3 people from diverse backgrounds to your LinkedIn page to begin to grow your diverse network.


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