Small businesses that utilize both GoDaddy and WordPress services can rejoice as a new premium service has been launched further connecting the two platforms.  According to Small Business Trends a new customer support options “gives small businesses and individuals the ability to contact one of over 40 on-call WordPress developers and GoDaddy’s best-in-class customer support team.”

As a person who is currently using both platforms, I can tell you that this is a much needed service.  Often times wordpress plugins will fall to errors with no way to understand how to fix / update them.  In addition, figuring out which plugin is the best or most efficient is often a challenge and can only be understood through trial and error.  A resource to help developers walk through early issues and select the most appropriate plugin tool is a necessity.

While the price is a bit expensive ranging from $80 to $150 a month, if you’re serious about creating and expanding your wordpress website with GoDaddy, it will definitely be worth the investment.  Any elimination of frustration with buggy plugins will help a website in the long run.

GoDaddy Launches Premium WordPress Support for Small Business Sites and Administrators

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