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Apple and Samsung are top smartphones in America but not so in China

by Ray Hayes

In the US, Apple and Samsung smartphones reign supreme. According to figures from 2016, Samsung led the overall market with 35 percent with Apple close behind at 32 percent. Although things may seem to be going well domestically things are not the same aboard particularly in China. To put it simply, both mobile companies are struggling in the world’s most populous country.  This could also spark trouble in the future since CounterPoint Research recently reported that, “…the smartphone market in China grew by 3 percent between April and June of 2017.”

So, who reigns supreme in China? Drum roll please…Huawei!  The biggest loser in the smartphone market in China falls to Samsung.  Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi expanded their dominance in the Chinese market, accounting for more than 87 percent of the market share.

So what does this mean for me and you? Well, one thing is we can learn a lot from Samsung. If your company has a phone that is consistently catching fire, expect to lose business and suffer reputation damage. Most important for any entrepreneur or small business owners, make sure your app is available on more than Samsung and Apple as you can see if you want to expand globally. In word of the great Keenen Ivory Wayans, ““Message!!!”


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