To begin I want to say, it’s amazing that in 2017 I am writing an article about a White Nationalist / KKK / Neo-Nazi march that resulted in the harming of over 20 people.  I want to add that it is also amazing how divided people are on the subject.  You would think a group of people who believe harm should come to select Americans would unite the country based simply on morals, but somehow it has done the opposite.  It seems to me that regardless of the evil that is presented to this nation, there are always a group of people who use it to pivot to other issues.

“Yeah White Supremacists killed people, but that’s not important.  Instead lets talk about the killings in Chicago / Black Lives Matter / Alt-Left”.  This deflection is similar to when a woman is raped and people say “Yeah she was raped, but you know, she was asking for it by wearing those slutty clothes”.  White Supremacy is not ok. Period.  There is no, BUT following that statement.  And the fact that in 2017 we’re arguing about this is mind blowing.

The rallying cry / excuse White Nationalists are using to give credence to their latest racist tirade centers around Confederate Statues.  For the Alt-Right, destroying Confederate Statues is America’s way of phasing out the White Race.  How or why they came to this conclusion I’ll never know (look at our money and tell me how many non white males are on it), but here we are.  Regardless, after considering the point of the Alt-Right, I can honestly say I agree with the fact that Confederate Statues should not be destroyed, rather they should probably be regulated to relevant museums.

Where does my logic come from you wonder?  Here it is:  The Confederacy was a terrorist country that attacked Americans and lost.  The values they held were far from today’s America and as such should NOT be celebrated in any case.  While I do feel bad for the average Confederate soldier (i.e. the non slave owning poor whites who didn’t care for slavery in the first place, but were forced to take up arms in a war they didn’t really believe in), I do not feel bad for the way history remembers those that killed Americans.  Let’s be clear, the Confederate States of America was NOT the United States of America, and the revisionist history that is occurring is shameful.  But, the Confederacy is still a part of American history and should be treated as such.

The removal of Confederate statues, in my opinion will give the Confederacy the proper respect it deserves.  In that way we can tell the TRUE history of that nation and its relationship with the USA in a place where those who want to know about it can learn.

Statues like Robert E Lee and others tell a dangerous tale of “You can try to destroy America and be glorified for it.”  Ironically it seems we are currently moving closer and closer to that narrative.