The Nazi symbol is one of the most identifiable and sadly negative shapes in the world.  Once known as a sign of peace, 1940s Germany manipulated the shape into one of the most evil icons to date.  With so much history behind it, it’s a wonder why any organization, let alone fashion would try to rebrand it.  Yet, in today’s landscape, anything is possible.

Welcome KA Design, a clothing company that sought to take the former Nazi symbol and rebrand it into a “positive pro LGBT logo”.  Unsurprisingly, the idea failed and the shirts the logo was printed on, had to be taken down soon after its launch.  So why did the company even try to create a new spin on one of the most horrific shapes in the history of the world?

According to a KA Design representative “We really enjoy the swastika. Not because of any of the meanings associated with it, but because of the shape and of how it looks. However, the strong bond between the swastika and Nazi values was unbreakable. We didn’t feel free. For the right reason. So we ended up using this symbol with the aim of sharing its opposite values: love, peace and freedom.”

This may be true, but the fact is that its not, and may never be.  The issue is longstanding and includes the fact that current white supremacists still use the Nazi symbol to promote discrimination and harm to many groups including LGBT people today.  While their hearts MAY have been in the right place (I emphasize may as they’re still a business looking to make money after all), the use of the Nazi symbol, for now at least, does NOT mean peace, love, and zen.

But hey, in the world we live in, no press is bad press….