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Trump Administration is expanding its diversity outreach in the State Department

America’s current Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson recently announced that his department will do more to actively recruit more African Americans, Hispanic, Asian, LGBT, and female personnel.  This announcement comes at a time when the Trump administration is facing its biggest diversity criticism after President Trump triple downed on his “all sides” comment describing the events of Charlottesville.

According to The Hill “The nation’s top diplomat explained that the department will “re-examine and expand” its recruitment efforts, including by reaching out to historically black colleges and universities and Latino-serving institutions as well as by expanding its footprint at minority-focused job fairs.”  Whether this is the start of an actual initiative, or just lip service remains to be seen, but since the Trump administration has not been keen on promoting diversity outreach, this is pretty big (and necessary) news.

Speaking to a new class of recruits, Tillerson’s promotion for more diversity was an interesting component especially with the recent news of the firing of Steve Bannon, a suspected promoter of the Alt-Right movement.  We will keep you abreast of any news with the expansion of diversity in the State department and let you know if this is an actual program or if it will go the way of the HBCU Presidents meeting.


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