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Atari partners with LGBT Media Inc

Atari recently announced a partnership with LGBT Media Inc, a company with expertise in technology and the LGBT community.  LGBT Media Inc is the company behind the social app LGBTQuite, a platform that “gives members of the LGBTQ community the chance to pursue all kinds of connections. This includes partnerships, friendships, dating, and other meaningful relationships.”

According to Business Insider, as “part of this partnership, LBGT Media Inc. will acquire Atari’s Pridefest™, one of the first LGBT-themed social games to empower players to design and launch their very own personalized Pride parade, connect with friends and more.”  The goal is to relaunch the application in hopes that a new rebranding will attract more users.  Based off the success of LGBT Media’s past product, this may very well happen.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the iconic Atari,” said Jordan Weiss, Co-founder of LGBTQutie, a division of LGBT Media Inc. “Partnering with Atari will help us reach a larger audience and fulfill our vision of becoming the go-to platform for the LGBTQ community worldwide.


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