by Ray Hayes

Don’t you hate when you have to wait for a buffering YouTube video due to slow internet?  Or when you lose internet connection every once in a while for no apparent reason?  Well, things may soon change as a team of researchers are currently developing an artificial intelligence system to resolve all buffering problems.

The AI system called Pensiev is being created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  In describing the new AI system, MSN News writes “Pensieve is an AI system that uses machine learning to pick different algorithms depending on network conditions. In doing so, it has been shown to deliver a higher-quality streaming experience with less rebuffering than existing systems.”

MIT researchers have also indicated that Pensieve could possibly work miracles for virtual reality. With all this being said, I wonder how will this impact small businesses especially those in the entertainment and technology industry. In my opinion, I believe it will have an extensive impact due to it boosting consumer satisfaction and ability to allow employees to work more efficiently.

Once more news comes out about Pensieve we will be sure to keep you updated. Click here for more info about the new AI system.