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The Weekly AI Report: Wix uses AI to build websites

by Ray Hayes

Salutations! I hope everyone is well. Unfortunately, I was not able to post the weekly AI report last week but I’m back in full effect. Today, the topic of discussion is the website builder Wix and their new innovative product, Wix ADI.   For those unaware, Wix is a cloud based website development platform with more than 100 million users.

Creativity is a huge part of Wix!  Users develop websites that reflect their personal brand, adding all types of “swag” to create their unique online vision.  Like most website development platforms, no coding skills are needed.  The next step for Wix, it seems, is the development of a platform that uses artificial intelligence to build websites.

Personally, I figured that all web development platforms used AI however that isn’t the case. Wix’s new product, Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), will use AI to create a website automatically.  Wix ADI grants users the options of time, design and content creation to develop an all encompassing website.

Let’s discuss how Wix ADI works

  1. You answer five relatively simple questions to get started
    1. What will the website be used for?
    2. Do you need any special features or capabilities? (an online store, appointment booking capability or a blog.)
    3. What is the name of your business?
    4. Where is the business located?
    5. What design style do you want?
  2. Once the question are answered, Wix ADI produces ‘structures’ which consists of text, images and so forth.
  3. Filtering comes next and color schemes/designs
  4. Finally, everything is put together to make the site such as sections and compiling pages. Users will be allowed to edit the site to their liking following completion

In conclusion, Wix ADI could be a great asset for small business owners due to its self-design ability. It gives you an opportunity to get your site up and running within minutes with only a few edits, and it’s affordable! Therefore, I would suggest to everyone to
give it a try and see if it works for you. I know I plan to.

As always, thanks for reading the Weekly AI Report and I hope you have a great weekend. As the great and beloved cyborg assassin, “I’ll be back…,” next week!


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