Uber recently announced “a multi-year partnership with the nonprofit Girls Who Code.  As part of the deal, Uber is donating $1.2 million to Girls Who Code over the next three years.”  The timing of the deal is extremely necessary for an organization still recovering from a series of negative news that resulted in their CEO stepping down.  According to the organization, the money should more than new 60,000 girls learn the benefits of tech and the basics of coding.  In addition to the donation, “Uber engineers are also going to volunteer at Girls Who Code local chapters to help set up coding workshops and mentorship programs.”

This is a complete 180 for the company with both parties hoping this new initiative goes well.  Uber’s Chief Branding Officer Bozoma Saint John will be joining the Board of Directors for Girls Who Code in an effort to support the partnership.  If successful, this could be the start of the growth of women in tech, a base that many tech organizations have struggled to recruit.

According to The Verge, “Uber also has another $1.8 million left in its diversity fund for the next three years that it plans to spend on other organizations that are similar to Girls Who Code.”