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Department of Labor offers free, On-site Consultation Program to help mitigate workplace hazards

According to Small Business Trends, in “2015, 93 Americans were killed on the job every week, and three percent of all workers were hurt or became seriously ill.”  With such a large amount of workplace hazards, that potentially could be avoided in the future, “the US Department of Labor has stepped up with a free, voluntary On-site Consultation Program.”  The program is designed to save lives by helping small businesses identify and mitigate potential workplace hazards.

The program is headed by the department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with the goal of providing “trained consultants from state agencies or universities work with employers of all shapes and sizes to identify workplace hazards and offer advice on how to avoid the risks associated with those hazards. Consultants also help companies to develop bespoke injury and illness prevention programs.”

Make America Great Again, by making America’s workplace safe!  This seems to be the theme, and by offering a free consultation offering, the OSHA is looking to decrease serious injuries / illness which, according to the National Academy of Social Insurance, “cost American employers a collective $62 billion per year”.

To connect with your local OSHA consultant, check out the OSHA’s Consultation Directory. After making contact, a consultant will connect with you and “set up a site visit based on your work schedule, the time required and how high a priority it sounds like your workplace may be in terms of unchecked hazards.”  This is definitely worth the time if you have a business that requires it and I implore all businesses to take advantage.


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