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Fifth Third Bank Diverse by Design™ Leadership Symposium

by Ray Hayes

Have you ever wondered what an inclusive society would look like? To me, an inclusive society would not exclude any section and encompass all genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations. While, I wonder this possible future, the annual Fifth Third Bank Diverse by Design Leadership Symposium is seeking to make that society a reality, posing a similar questions at the upcoming event. On October 11, 2017, the Symposium will be having an “…authentic conversation about what it would take to become an inclusive community.”

The Symposium originated in 2008 as an internal program for Fifth Third Bank.  Mary McFarland, vice president and manager of Inclusion and Diversity at Fifth Third Bank, recently spoke about the event and the reason why it is important. According to McFarland, “The Symposium is intended to be a community-focused event that creates a vehicle for us to bring together business leaders from across the region with the objective to inform through the Diverse by Design updates, engage through the business connection and inspire through the thought leadership of the keynote speaker.”

If you would like to learn more about The Fifth Third Bank Diverse by Design™ Leadership Symposium, click here.

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